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January 29, 2020
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US soldiers killed in Afghanistan

3 US soldiers killed in Afghanistan

Three US soldiers were killed and three wounded by a bomb in Afghanistan Tuesday, NATO said.

US forces experienced the worst loss of life so far this year in Afghanistan when three soldiers were killed in a Taliban bombing on Tuesday. Three more soldiers and an US contractor were wounded.

The deaths took place when a roadside bomb went off near Ghazni City, in the southeastern province of the same name, killing Special Forces soldiers three months after they were sent to save that city from falling to the terrorists.

An eye witness said the bomb in Ghazni went off as an US convoy passed on the highway. “The convoy set off a roadside mine, and there was smoke all over the place,” said the witness . “The road was blocked, and a few minutes later helicopters landed and took the dead.”

Here’s what to know about the state of American and Afghan forces in the seemingly intractable conflict, and why US troops are still dying in a city they liberated from the Taliban months ago.


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